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January 29, 2010

Ramses the Ram and I: MSG 2009

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge sports fan. I rep for my NYC teams hard... but growing up we New Yorkers had very little to root for in the ways of college athletics. St Johns had a few good basketball teams, but other then that the City That Never Sleeps was quite under represented. This lead most of my friends and I to root for college squads from other parts of the country. I love the Miami Canes in Football ( The who... The U!!!). In basketball, as long as I could remember I have bled Carolina Blue. I don't remember MJ there, (I was 3-5 for chrissakes!!!) but I do remember Vin-sanity, Ed Cota, Antwan Jam-0-son, Eric Montross (go white boy, go white boy, go!!!) and all the other greats that have played for the Heels. This year the team is struggling a bit (13-7), but that was to be expected after losing Ty Lawson and Tyler Hansborough. The defending National champions came to the Garden this year to play Ohio State in the EA Sports College Classic. My boy Joe Quinn (what up kid) hooked it up and got us seats right behind Dickie V, like 3rd row. Then one of my childhood fantasies came true: Ramses the Ram, the Carolina Mascot, came up my row in the stands. I jumped up, cut him off, and mad Mr. Quinn start a photo shoot right there on the spot. Ramses was courteous, and afterward he gave me a pound. Just and awesome experience that I wanted to share with you guys... tear. Hahaha, but seriously, it was to cool to get the pic. And The Heels took the Buckeyes out that night. Lets hope they get it turned around before tournament time. Go Heelsssssssss!!!!!!!

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