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November 1, 2011

Halloween Hangover

Hey gang... thanks for sticking with us during the 2nd annual CCD All Horror Week! It was a great success once again, with many members of the CCD family pitching in to bring you the best horror related posts on the whole 'Net! While there were over 30 great posts to enjoy, some things didn't make the cut. Not because they weren't any good... more because we simply ran outta time. So here is a conglomerate of some really cool Halloween/Horror related links for all of you guys like me who are desperately trying to hold on to October 31st... enjoy the bunch after the jump!

Check out CelebSlams list of the 31 Sluttiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes by clicking here:

Milf Vicki Vette
Not to be outdone, Coed Magazine posted a photo gallery of the Sexiest Pornstar TwitPics of 2011 (click here)

Check out 43 amazing Jack-O-Lanterns over at Web Urbanist by clicking here.

Here are two amazing Halloween Light Shows (these are fucking dope) that you probably seen on Facebook last week but didn't watch:

Our good friend Dave over at Exophrine also shares some more insane Jack-O-Lanterns (click here to see this amazing gallery)

Sean Hartter got plenty of spooky posters like this awesome Trick r' Treat poster for you to enjoy on his site (click here)

Check out these pics (click here) from a crazy cool screening of the 1978 horror classic Dawn of the Dead sponsored by Alamo Drafthouse & Mondo that featured a zombie attack and intro by George Romero himself!

Here is some vintage Halloween fun from Electric Cerebrectomy (click here... a cool blog)

The guys over at Pop Chart Labs created this Movie monster infographic (click here)

Topless robot had a great top ten list featuring the most Evil Kids In Horror Movie History (click here)

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  1. Fantastic way to end the week. Quite a fine operation you have over there.